The Reborn Madrid Legend in Schalke

Raul Gonzalez Blanco definitely shares legendary status with Real Madrid’s President of honor, Alfredo Di Stefano in Real Madrid. The 33 yrs old gentleman holds virtually all records at the historic club in Madrid.

“Handing-over-the-baton” to CR7 …

Therefore it came as a surprise to many when he decided to end his sixteen year stint with Real Madrid before putting pen to paper for the Fußball-Club Gelsenkirchen-Schalke 04. The signs of El Siete leaving Los Blancos were clear to see as the once dreaded striker had fallen down the pecking order in the 2009/10 season at the Santiago Bernabeu club. With the desire to still play at the highest level, Raul moved to the north of Germany for regular playing time.

Raul’s goals, winning mentality and experience were envisaged to give Schalke 04 the additional boost needed to win a long-awaited Bundesliga title.
However, Die Knappen’s season has not panned out as expected with the Royal Blues spending much of the first half of the season fighting at the wrong end of the table, Schalke are off the title chase but they are in the finals of the German cup and will need to win that competition to make it back into Europe.

Despite the disappointing league campaign, Raul has shown that he’s the grand master in the UEFA Champions League. His influence has inspired his team mates in the knock out stages of the tournament and he has led by example with his goals against Valencia and defending champions Inter. His first goal against Inter in the return leg at home was a joy to behold.

A more interesting statistics shows that the iconic Spaniard’s 142 UCL appearances is more than the combined number of appearances for all his Schalke 04 team mates who played the second leg quarter final fixtures against Internazionale.
His positive influence on the team has won the hearts of the Gelsenkirchen faithfuls as he was handed a microphone to lead signing fans after climbing into the crowd to celebrate Schalke’s semi final qualification.

Raul appears to be back to his best at 33 playing the role of a second striker while surprisingly leading the scorer’s chart

The Grandmaster – back to his scoring best for Schalke

for Schalke this term. He is now also highest goal scorer in all UEFA competitions with 73 goals.
The three times Champions league winner said he has no regrets about leaving Real Madrid and coming to Schalke

“When I left Real, I left a great club but joined a great club,”

Winning a trophy or two during his stint at the German club would only add to his already blooming heroic status in Gelsenkirchen.

For a man who was adjudged to be done with football in his last days at Real Madrid and his move to Schalke 04 raising a lot of highbrow, El Siete can be described as a man with several lifes.

As Manchester United face Raul and his Schalke team in the semi-finals of ‘his competition’, they would be wise to pay special attention to the man, the legend, Raul Gonzalez!

11 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by victor akhidenor on April 19, 2011 at 2:34 pm

    Interesting report, yes Raul is an icon in football but Man Utd don’t need to pay special attention on him Man utd will be parading players will equal experience and capacity the mentally of the Old Trafford giants is not in doubt but must play with caution because Schalke 04 is not a push over but we await the game.


    • Respect is key. United have the experience and players to execute and I expect SAF to approach the games like a semi final of an European tie.
      Thanks for your comment Victor.


  2. Posted by ken Okeiyi on April 19, 2011 at 4:27 pm

    Its is no gainsaying tha Raul Gonzalez is a man to watch in this years UEFA champions League. No doubt also he is as good as any other dreaded stricker in the World today. It is pertinent to say that Schalke is the underdog in this year’s edition hence Man U need to watch them.


    • Yea, i agree with you that Schalke can’t be underestimated. They won their group in the group stages and have knocked out the defending champions. I believe the pressure is on United cos as far as I am concerned, Schalke are the champions of Europe in their own rights having got this far.
      Thank you for your time and comment Ken.


  3. Posted by jones on April 19, 2011 at 7:41 pm

    No doubt his results have proven his worth, he is still a man to watch out for,during the semi final and I don’t see schalke 04 as an under dog,besides raul still has football in him.cheers


    • Yea, Raul still has football in him. Schalke are overwhelming under dogs in the semis but they shouldn’t be under estimated.
      Thanks for comment Monseuir Jones.


  4. Posted by Prince Wale on April 20, 2011 at 7:53 am

    Legends are respected and definitely worth being weary of. However MANUTD is a club that has churned out a huge number of football legends. We at UNITED welcome the challenge we don’t dread it. UNITTTEDDDD!!!!


    • Nice one from Omoba. United has produced legends and still have some presently.
      Thank you for taking your time to read as well as dropping your comment.
      Obrigado Prince Wale.


  5. Posted by Lewis Okomayiin on April 20, 2011 at 9:05 am

    I’m not surprised at Raul’s current feat in Schalke 04- the man is definitely one of a kind, a rare kind in the world of soccer. Achieving all he did in Real Madrid and ending his career there in near bliss, one would have thought he was done and that his sojourn in German would only amount to what is generally referred to as ‘retirement football’- where he would play once in a while and quietly fade off. But No! This is El Siete! A leopard never changes its spots! Raul can’t stop scoring goals! He’s now taken his goal tally in Europe to an unprecedented 73! And the beneficiary? Schalke 04! Who through the foresight of their management saw the sense in bringing Raul on board and have now found themselves in the Semi Finals of the Champions League. However, facing Man United in the Semi Final is an interesting match-up as United equally parades ‘veterans’ in the mould of Giggs,Scholes,Van Der Sar etc who have enough to expose Schalke 04’s over-reliance on El Siete’s experience to get them to European Glory. We shall know very soon the veracity of this assumption.


    • Lewis, you’ve said it all. Raul on Schalke side v Giggs, Scholes and Van Der Saar for Man Utd. A mouth watering semis for veterans.
      Thanks for you comment sir and I hope you have bookmarked the blog address for subsequent post.


  6. You seems to be an expert in this field, good post and keep up the great work, my friend recommended me your blog.


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