New faces on the bench in the Calcio

Among the top italian clubs (AC Milan, Internazionale, Juventus and AS Roma), only AC Milan will continue with their manager from last season. Perhaps on the grounds that he (Max Allegri) succeeded in breaking Inter’s hegemony in the Serie A with their Scudetto triumph.
We shall be looking at other three teams and what changes these new managers can bring to them.


Can he ease away the memories of The Special one?

Post Jose Mourinho era has been difficult for the Nerazzurris as their fortunes have dwindled. Former coach Leonardo won the Coppa Italia last season to bring some succor to The Black and Blues but he has been replaced with former Genoa and Crotone tactician Gian Piero Gasperini.
Three managers (Benitez, Leonardo and Gasperini) in a year for Massimo Moratti club has brought a lot instability to La Beneamata.
Gasperini is saddled with the responsibility of securing the Scudetto back from their cousins. The former Juventus youth team coach carved a niche for himself during his spell at Genoa. He led the club to Serie A in his first season and consolidated their status in the Italian top division. A fifth place finish in his third season was the pinnacle of his success with the Rossobulus before he parted ways with the club.

The Grugliasco native has shown that he’s an ambitious coach and certainly fit President Moratti’s picture of the man capable of easing away the memories of The Special One from the minds of the Nerazzurris.


The darling Old Lady of Turin have suffered tremendously since the Calciopoli scandal that rocked the foundation of the Turin club in 2006. The Bianconeris haven’t steady their ship.
Several changes in the board room which has seen three Presidents emerge in a space of four years which  has heaped a lot of pressure on the men in the dug-out (six coaches in five years).
Former player, Antonio Conte has been appointed has the man to lead La Vecchia Signoraout of its wilderness and restore its pride

Can he bring Glory days back to the club?

and glory days back.
Conte, 41, who started his coaching career as an Assistant Manager to Siena manager, Luigi De Canio in 2005 has slowly built his reputation in the lower leagues in Italy. He led AS Bari to Serie B title in 2009 thus securing promotion to Seria A for i Galletti. A similar feat he performed in Tuscan when his AC Siena won promotion back to the top division last season.
The former Lecce player missed out on the Juventus job in 2009 to his old team mate (Ciro Ferrara) but he has finally landed the big one.
He has his work cut out with the average un-Juventus-like players that Luigi Del Neri used  in  prosecuting last season’s campaign if he’s to succeed.
Hopefully, Giuseppe Marotta can assist by doing his job excellently and desist from recruiting laughable players who do not fit in, keep their quality youngsters like Marchisio who came through the club’s academy, though they’ve lost the atomic ant (Giovinco).
I guess He (Marotta) needs some schooling from bad man (Luciano Moggi) to help Conte.


Goodbye Catalonia… Welcome Eternal City

Financial uncertainity has played a vital role in the Gillarossi’s unstable future. Former President, Rosella Sensi tried to chart a new path for the club since the demise of her father Franco in 2008 but very little success has been recorded.
With Thomas DiBenedetto’s takeover, a new breath of life is upon i Lupi.
The board decided not to continue with former player and interim coach Vincenzo Montella by appointing Luis Enrique.
The former Barcelona B coach hasn’t managed a team in top-flight  football yet but his success with Barcelona’s second string side where he led them to promotion play-offs says a lot about his coaching pedigree.
With the takeover process expected to be finalized soon, Luis Enrique will be provided with sufficient funds to freshen up a stale and tired looking Gillarossi for the new campaign.
He has promised the Eternal City fans attracting football that is always on display at the Camp Nou.
His appointment is seen as a gamble in some quarters. The jury is out on him.

14 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by ShoWade on July 8, 2011 at 9:44 am

    Man, Juve is beyond lost…
    Roma are starting fresh but clearly that’s a mad gamble. But barca took a gamble with Pep and look at them now.

    Inter really need to chill with the sacks tho. They have a good team and their previous manager wasn’t bad at all


  2. Posted by kymiii on July 8, 2011 at 10:03 am

    First ohh…..!!!I await my award


  3. Posted by Abiodun Sho. on July 8, 2011 at 1:33 pm

    I follow you on this blog. They make interesting readings.


  4. Posted by harphyz on July 8, 2011 at 4:18 pm

    Gasperini should come out tops from the lot due to the crop of players he has at his disposal. Inter Milan should bounce back from last season’s slump.


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