Perez’s final gamble

Hey all… This blog, won The Best Sports Blog in the 2011 Nigerian Blog Awards.

I owe it to you all.

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The re-emergence of Florentino Perez as the president of Real Madrid heralded the return of neo Galacticos at the White House in Madrid. Not only players but with coaches too. Two years on and despite breaking his previous world record transfer (Zidane) with the capture of Portuguese captain Cristiano Ronaldo and the services of The Special One to tinker the galaxy of stars, success on the pitch hasn’t been spectacular. Mourinho’s arrival at the Valdebebas has not halted eternal rival – Barcelona’s hegemony of the La Liga and to rub more salt to the Los Blancos wound, Los Cules won their fourth UCL trophy defeating Real Madrid on their way to glory.

In all fairness, Mou’s advent at the capital club has seen Los Merengues approach all competition with the same vigor.  Copa del Rey victory over Barca meant the nine times European Champions did not go trophyless for the third straight season and their UCL round of 16 shackles was broken. Internal ventilation in the board replaced the usual dug-out changes as Perez’s right hand man Jorge Valdano departed the club last May in bitter circumstances.  He and the coach (Mourinho) had a working misunderstanding with the latter winning the battle. In the president’s farewell speech to Valdano, he said:

As you are all aware, we started last season with a new and exciting sports project that looks to the future, is based on having very young people, and has Jose Mourinho at its helm with all our confidence. The experience we had during the campaign that has just ended has proved the need for a new organisational structure within the club, by which our coach will be able to manage the team with autonomy, and which will avoid the disfunctions that happened due to the existence of a Director General’s office of a distinct sporting character. For this reason, the Board has decided to withdraw this Director General’s office, which was run by Jorge Valdano.”

The man.... taking his final gamble

Florentino Perez has given head coach Jose Mourinho more control on football matters after the departure of the Argentine. It’s a fact that Jose Mourinho is one of the best coaches in the world and he needs the right environment to succeed with the present dynamics of the today’s game so Perez has decided to copy the English club’s approach of giving their manager more powers. A move applauded by many as it gives the coach more autonomy to operate.  Jose has got the personality and experience to help restore the glory and pride of FIFA’s Club of the 20th century.

But some of us have still have our doubts. JM is a nomadic coach who has shown in the past he’s not a man with the desire to stay at a football club for a long time. He has mentioned in numerous interviews that he has his heart in the English Premier League so one is made to wonder why Perez has decided to take this gamble with a man who is not planning to stay for long. Furthermore, a few days ago, JM with the consent of FP and the club announced the appointment of Zinedine Zidane as the club’s sporting director which raises another point in the so-called “autonomy” the head coach was asking for as the new director might be performing a similar role to the ousted director.

One of the many gambles taken by Perez..

I suspect that Perez administration which is getting into its third year in their first term back in office knows that anything short of La Liga triumph or his obsessed La Decima (UCL 10th title) could reduce his chances in the next presidential election coming up in two years so he has decided to use Mourinho who knows what it takes to succeed as his last bait in a bid to save himself.

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  1. Posted by tunde on July 17, 2011 at 1:09 am

    Congrats on your award:: Unfortunately, perez is competing against the most dangerous team in world soccer. Barca may not be the best at sportsmanship but no one can deny their soccer prowess.


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